The Benefits of Showcase Commercial Retractable Awnings

Showcase Commercial Retractable Awnings give your business a flexible alternative to traditional sunshade systems. They add beauty and serviceability to outdoor dining areas, office entryways, storefronts, and other commercial sites. As with all our products, Showcase awnings provide a durable shield against extreme sunlight, harmful UV rays, and adverse weather. They enhance building exteriors, protect people, and guard interior spaces from the sun’s damaging heat and light. 

Commercial retractable awnings let you control when and how you use them. When you don’t need a protective cover, you simply leave your awning in its closed, retracted position. If employees, diners, or visitors need refuge from the weather, you can easily extend your awning into place. Our optional remotes make the retraction process even more efficient.

Showcase awnings can also save you money. They serve as a barrier, reducing the sunlight that enters your interior spaces. This helps minimize sun damage to retail stock, fabric furnishings, and decor. Awnings also help reduce climate control costs by preventing direct sunlight from increasing interior temperatures.

on-Site Design, production & Customization

Our in-house design, production, and graphics teams meet your demand for style, durability, and function. We use colorfast, weather-resistant fabric, in hues that merge your existing schemes. We customize commercial awnings with graphics that promote brand visibility. We can add a company logo, letter your message, or imprint an image. 

We build Showcase Commercial Retractable Awnings to last. Aluminum and stainless steel render long-lasting durability to retractable arms, spring-loaded shoulders, and other key awning components. Our powder-coated extruded aluminum frames resist corrosion and help awnings retain their attractiveness.  

Why CHOOSE SolarShield Showcase Commercial Retractable Awnings?

When you choose Showcase Commercial Retractable Awnings, you’ll appreciate the benefits. We design awnings to protect people and property. We build them to ensure durability, beauty, and long-lasting functionality.

Weather-resistant Technology

  • Our innovative lateral arm eliminates traditional pole supports, enabling greater flexibility, convenience, and durability.
  • Sturdy spring-loaded mechanisms withstand weather-related stress and provide enhanced functionality.

Durable Extruded Aluminum Frames

  • We set the standard for awning durability with extruded aluminum and stainless steel frames, and tough hardware.
  •  Our powder-coated metal frames resist corrosion, maintain a long-lasting finish, and remain attractive through seasons of adverse weather.

Custom Designs & Colors

  • We use weather-resistant, colorfast, acrylic fabric that retains its beauty and vibrant color.
  • We can brand commercial awnings with colors, designs, lettering, and graphics to promote your company’s message.

Professional Workmanship

  • Experienced professionals work as a team, skillfully manufacturing our quality American-made products. 
  • At SolarShield Awnings, we uphold our quality commitments with a comprehensive warranty program.


showcase commercial retractable awnings
showcase commercial retractable awnings
showcase commercial retractable awnings
showcase commercial retractable awnings