The Benefits of SolarShield Retractable Awnings

SolarShield Awnings is an American company that builds awnings to last a lifetime. Our team designs attractive retractable awnings that enhance commercial buildings, entryways, and outdoor spaces. Our manufacturing process demonstrates our drive to produce products that meet our standards for quality and durability. We create our awnings with weather-resistant fabric and coated aluminum, a tough combination that endures seasonal weather extremes.

Our awnings are colorful and stylish, but they work hard throughout the year. They provide cover during rain showers and create comfortable shaded environments, even on hot, sunny days. Awnings provide an efficient barricade that minimizes health risks due to UVA exposure. They save on climate control costs by preventing sun-generated heat from increasing interior temperatures. Awnings also minimize sun damage to fabric, furniture, and decor.

On-site design, production, and Customization

SolarShield Retractable Awnings offer flexible outdoor protection that meets a variety of business needs. They provide on-demand shade that’s ready to use when you need it. When you prefer to feel the sun, you simply leave your awning in its retracted position. If you need cover from sunshine, heat, or rain, a simple mechanical transition extends your awning into place.

SolarShield Retractable Awnings are a perfect sunshade option for storefronts, outdoor dining, office buildings, and outdoor events. They are colorful building enhancements that merge with your building’s exterior style. We also create branded SolarShield Retractable Awnings that display your logo or showcase your business identity.

Why Choose SolarShield Retractable Awnings?

retractable awnings

We are excited to offer our line of quality, durable awnings. We build our SolarShield Retractable Awnings to protect, enhance, and provide the following benefits:

Weather-resistant Technology

A lateral arm and spring-loaded mechanism improve functionality and absorb stresses caused by severe weather. A lateral arm eliminates the need for supporting poles.

Durable Extruded Aluminum Frames

We manufacture our awning frames with extruded aluminum and stainless steel hardware. All sourced in America. The powder coating provides a beautiful long lasting finish.

Custom Designs & Colors

We customize awnings to meet a range of style choices. Our weather-resistant fabrics retain their color, style, and durability through seasonal weather changes.

Professional Workmanship

Our awnings are American-made. They showcase the proud workmanship of experienced craftspersons. We are pleased to include disabled veterans as dedicated members of our team.

We are so confident in our products, we back every awning with our company’s comprehensive warranty program.


retractable awnings
retractable awnings
retractable awnings
retractable awnings