SolarShield Retractable Awnings

SolarShield Retractable Awnings is a commercial awning manufacturing company, specializing in American-made sunshade systems that last a lifetime. Our quality-driven process ensures that every awning meets our high standards for durability, structural integrity, and simple functionality. We create stationary and retractable models that deliver stylish, flexible protection and hold up under daily residential and commercial use.

Restaurants, offices, and retail locations depend on our awnings to shelter customers and employees from seasonal weather. They provide essential shade and cover that improves outdoor comfort and lessens exposure to harmful UV rays. Awnings shield interior spaces from sunlight that often damages furnishings, decor, and items on display. They reduce climate control costs by minimizing the invasive heat that affects indoor temperatures.

We create sunshade systems that coordinate with building exteriors and existing design schemes. We customize our designs with durable, weather-resistant fabric in neutral hues or vibrant colors. Our graphics team can brand commercial awnings to showcase a company’s identity.

Solar Shield Retractable Awnings

Flexible outdoor protection that meets a variety of business and residential needs

Showcase Commercial Retractable Awnings

Designed specifically for storefronts to provide elegant and durable shade alternatives to active businesses.

Sun Visor Retractable Window Awnings

Vibrant colors enhance your building’s exterior style

SolarShield Drop Curtain

Allow natural light and fresh air to enter your home while effectively blocking bugs and debris

SolarShield Sidewalls & Screens

Transform open-air spaces into solid, weather-protected rooms.

Custom Awnings

We take pride in turning ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones.
SolarShield awnings

Becoming a dealer for Solar Shield Retractable Awnings offers several advantages. These high-quality awnings provide effective sun protection, enhance outdoor spaces, and boost property value. As a dealer, you’ll benefit from a reputable brand, reliable customer support, and the opportunity to offer sought-after products to your clients.

SolarShield retractable Awnings Advantages


We customize residential and commercial awnings to your specifications. You choose the size, color, fabric, and features that coordinate with your current design scheme and match your style.

American-made quality

As a family-owned & Disabled American Veteran-Owned company, we promise American-made quality, superb customization, fast response, and customer service our overseas competitors can’t provide.


Our exclusive Sunesta Fabric Collection allows us to offer more customization choices than other manufacturers. Sonesta fabrics have the features, colors, and durability you prefer.  


Our dedication to durable products ensures our awnings provide years of beauty and service. We secure your investment with our unparalleled warranty program.

SolarShield awnings

About Us

SolarShield Retractable Awnings is an American company and an industry leader in sunshade manufacturing. We are a disabled veteran-owned business and we’re committed to our Made-In-The-USA promise. For over four decades, our staff has worked together as a team. Motivated by a military work ethic, professionalism and dedication to our customers, we manufacture sunshade systems that last a lifetime.

  • We produce durable sunshade systems, customized to your design, function, and style specifications.
  • We are dedicated to strong working relationships with our industry partners, our community, and our employees
  • We are nationally known, but we establish a warm, friendly connection with every business partner.
  • We promise American made quality, immediate customer response, and a product guarantee you won’t get from our overseas competitors.

SolarShield awnings
SolarShield awnings