The Benefits of Solarshield Drop Curtains

SolarShield Drop Curtains are window treatments with contemporary appeal and practical capabilities. As with all our commercial and residential sunshade systems, they resolve issues related to intense sunlight and adverse weather. Drop Curtains allow light and air to enter while protecting people and interiors from sun, glare, UV rays, solar heat, and cold.

Our Drop Curtains offer retractable flexibility. You roll them into place when you need privacy or protection from incoming sunlight. You close them to enjoy an unfiltered outdoor view. When installed over window exteriors, drop curtains protect glass panes from wind, rain, winter weather, bugs, and debris. They’re also essential for maintaining privacy when windows allow outsiders to view indoor spaces.

SolarShield Awnings is family-owned and a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business. We are guided by our owner’s strong work ethic and committed to product excellence and customer satisfaction. As experienced professionals, we set high design, production, and customization standards. We work as a team, fabricating each product for functionality, appearance, and American-made durability. We stand by our workmanship, and back each product with our quality guarantee.

ONSite Design, Production & customization

We customize SolarShield Drop Curtains to each client’s residential or commercial specifications. We design them for outdoor installation over windows, patios, porches, balconies, pergolas, and other spaces. While white is an aesthetically versatile choice, we can create curtains in your chosen colors. You may also select tracked or trackless curtains. To open or retract them, we can install a weighted bar or optional cable guides for additional control.

Why Choose Solarshield Drop Curtains?

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We’re proud to include SolarShield Drop Curtains in our line of innovative products. They’re stylish window treatments with traditional sunshade benefits. As with all our products, we craft SolarShield Drop Curtains for beauty, durability, and long-lasting performance. 

Weather-resistant Technology

  • Solarshield Drop Curtains provide a barrier that protects people and property from harsh, damaging sunlight.  
  • We use durable acrylic fabric that retains its color, diffuses light, resists water damage, and withstands the elements.

Durable Extruded Aluminum Frames

  • We manufacture drop curtains for durability, using tough extruded aluminum and stainless steel components.
  • A powder coating ensures our metal frames retain their finish through seasonal weather changes.

Custom Designs & Colors

  • We create your drop curtains with colorfast woven fabric in neutral hues or colors that blend with an existing scheme. 
  • We can customize your curtains with tracks, cable guides, or for greater control.

Professional Workmanship

  • We are a team of dedicated professionals and we’re proud to design and create durable, American-made products.

Optional Styles

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Drop Curtain

The SolarShield Retractable Sidewall track system is specifically designed with a tensioning system that allows for the complete closure of vertical, oblique and horizontal spaces. What’s more, the Secure Wind Block System guarantees perfect tensioning across the fabric in any climatic condition. This means that the product gives you the perfect finish and coverage every single time.

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Cable Guide

The SolarShield Retractable Sidewall  Roller Curtain is an affordable solution that provides both shade and privacy without a sleek housing or track system. These curtains utilize side cables that protect the curtain from movement and provide security in windy conditions.


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drop curtains
drop curtains
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